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CBP/AQI Cleaning Facility


Vacuum Cleaning

When imported cargo gets put on hold by a CBP/AQI Inspector due to Agricultural Quarantine Material found on the cargo or inside the container, a (EAN) Emergency Action Notice form is issued by the inspecting officer giving the owner of the cargo 72 hours to transport the container and cargo to the cleaning facility. Once the shipment has arrived to our facility and depending on the reason for the "HOLD" we have developed approved processes to insure proper containment, cleaning and disposal of the Quarantined Material. We understand having a shipment on "Hold" causes delays and extra unforseen costs, our main objective is to get your cargo in and out of our facility as fast as possible. 


Seeds and soil
Federal Noxious weed seed
Federal Noxious Weed Seed is a regulated and high targeted QM found on many imported shipments 

Cleaning Treatments for Perishables

We provide cleaning services for perishables on AQI hold for contaminated soil and pests.Our Facility is equipped with 19 reefer plug-ins keeping refrigerated products at the correct temperature while throughout the cleaning process. 

Fresh Durian 

Cleaning imported Fresh Durian Flown in from Thailand.

CBP/AQI Hold for pest contamination. 

Fresh Ginger

Washing Imported Fresh 


CBP/AQI Hold for Soil Contamination

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