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Heavy Machinery Cleaning 


Export Preparation

With more than a Decade of experience cleaning machinery, we have cleaned everything from Bobcats to the world's largest Terex Dumptruck. Our Cleaning facility is a few miles from the Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports & fumigation companies. We can assist in coordinating transportation and any special handling services. 


AQIS Standard Cleaning

Additional Services offered:

  • Dismantling & Container Packing

  • Discharging Air Conditioning gas​

  • Purging Tanks

  • Minor mechanic work

Cleaning Options:


  • A quick cleaning to remove "road-grime" from the machine that was collected while transporting to the Port. 

  • Meets the Terminal and Steamship Line  guidelines (NOT Australian Standards)

AQIS Standard Cleaning: (Australia)

  • Intensive Cleaning

  • Removal & dissmantling of necessary engine and body panels, pans, etc., to access compartments and properly flush out dirt build up​

  • Minor mechanic work to repair leaking hoses, dead batteries, etc.,

We are our customers eyes and ears, we are here to save money and prevent

re-exportation of their machinery and minimize the risk of additional washing required once the machinery arrives to its destination and is inspected. When your machinery arrives at our facility, we thoroughly inspect the appearance and condition taking photos of contaminated areas requiring attention and noting any oil leaks.

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