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Our facility is strategically located 1 mile from the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports and within the Overweight corridor boundaries 

Our Warehouse operations & services are flexible and customizable to fit each customers needs and requirements. Our team and nation wide network of logistical and transportation experts can provide you with Port to door or door to port services on time and in budget.


We work with our customers  to develop solutions and systems that best fits their business needs. 

A  partner with the right location, equipment and team that gets the job done right and on time. We offer flexible operations, customized services and many added value services that are tailored to your requirements. Our facility has a wide range of forklifts, attachments and other various equipment to handle all cargo at any weight. 

Warehouse services ​

  • Transloading

  • Cross-Docking

  • Weight reductions

  • Short Term Storage

  • Consolidation / Segregation

  • Export Loading – Block and Bracing

  • Vehicle Loading/Unloading

  • 19 Refrigerated Container Plug-Ins

Harbor Weighers Inc., started as a certified weighmaster and sampling service over 30 years ago and has grown to become a Premier Warehousing, Heavy Cargo handling & CBP Agriculture Quarantine cleaning facility and 3PL partner near the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. We are a smaller sized facility focused on providing Short term handling and customized warehouse services and solutions. Whether we are palletizing, sorting and labeling, Cross-docking or trans loading awkward cargo to and from open top containers, you can count on our team to get the job done right. 

As a small scaled warehouse and 3PL service provider, we  focus more on quality and pay close attention to handling special loads, high valued shipments and sensitive cargo. We pride ourselves on providing a Personal customer experience and building family-type relationships with our partners and customers. 

Capable of Handling Heavy and Large Containerized Shipments

Port to door services

country wide network of carriers

container transloading_Harbor Weighers

Value Added Services:

  •  Labeling​

  •  Quality Inspection

  •  Prepare orders to retailers Requirements

  •  Palletizing / Shrink Wrap

  •  Sorting

  •  FBA shipments for Amazon 

  •  Heavy duty equipment and special attachments to handle special cargo

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